El Milagro Marcelino Pan y Vino

Basada en la clásica versión española de 1955, esta película narra la vida de Marcelino, pequeño huérfano adoptado por una comunidad de frailes pobres. Un día, Marcelino encuentra en el ático del monasterio una estatua de Cristo crucificado; pensando que tiene hambre, le ofrece pan y vino, y confía a Jesús su más profundo deseo: conocer a su mamá. La Revolución Mexicana es el marco de esta aventura en la que, por la fe de un niño, ocurre un milagro que sobrepasa todo anhelo.

Marcelino is a heart-warming tale of an orphan boy caught in the midst Mexico’s revolution. The story begins as the monks of a poor war ravaged monastery find an infant abandoned on their doorstep. Having nowhere to turn in the wake of the war, they decide to raise him in the monastery. The child grows into a rambunctious boy fond of playing jokes on the friars with his best friend Enrique. Marcelino finds himself yearning for a mother as he observes the deep bond Enrique shares with his mother. An attack by revolutionaries leaves the tiny village in chaos and Enrique dying in the arms of his grieving mother, as Marcelino looks on. Overcome with fear he hides in the one place he was warned to never go — the attic of the monastery. While hiding there he is drawn to a statue with a face so full of love that he is compelled to visit it often. Marcelino is too young to realize that it is a statue of Jesus. Thinking the statue looks hungry, he sneaks bread and wine into the attic and offers it to the statue. As he gives his offering, the statue miraculously comes to life and accepts the gift. Moved by the boy’s gift of faith, Jesus grants Marcelino’s deepest wish, to be reunited with his mother.

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